Amazing Cooking tips makes your daily life easy watch video


Amazing Cooking tips makes your daily life easy watch video

Cooking is an art and every art has hacks. Tips to apply in cooking mainly apply in preparation of ingredients and how to make food tastier. Here are 6 easy and amazing cooking tips to assist you.

Shelling a boiled egg in less than a minute:
Sometimes its straining to shell an egg since you do not want to chip parts of it off. Well to do it perfectly, put our egg in a jar and add a little tap water. Seal the jar and shake it. Its a guarantee when you open the jar you’ll have all the work done for you.

Peeling garlic:
Preparing garlic cloves can be torturous. However, there is a trick to peel garlic. First put your full garlic in a jar and shake it strongly. This removes the husks. Put the garlic back in the jar and shake it strongly but for longer. This will separate the cloves from the skins.

Peeling Kiwi using a glass:
Yes a glass of water! Cut your fruit in half. Take one half and press the edge of the glass into the corner of the fruit and then up against the skin. You can also use this technique to peel mangoes.
Slicing an unpeeled banana:
Take your sewing needle and push it in one corner of the banana. Slide the needle when its inside the banana to cut. Repeat this along the spine of the banana at intervals. When peeled it will be in slices.

Efficiently cutting paprika:
Take the paprika, cut off the top and bottom. Slice it on the side and remove the core by disconnecting the connector tissues. Spread out the remaining skin and slice. Slice the bottom. For the top, pop out the green part using your thumb and slice it. You don’t waste any part of the paprika!

Simple way to peel a potato:
Cut softly into the potato skin, in a circle, using a knife. Boil the potato or cook it as you are used to. Then pull the skin off afterwards. This infuses the potato with more flavor, since most of the flavor is found in the skin.
To learn these tricks watch the video


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