Amazing dog rescue stories


Amazing dog rescue stories watch Labrador rescues two dogs trapped in canoe

You have probably heard several cases when a rescue dogs have saved a person in trouble. But have you heard about a rescue dog saving another dog? Between amazing dog stories this one really sticks out. During a gust of wind, two dogs have found themselves trapped on a canoe, floating down the river. Both of them were barking trying to call somebody for help. Luckily, a black Labrador jumped to save them. Our hero is a good example on how to train a rescue dog.

While Labrador was paddling to reach the canoe, one of the dogs there took a rope from the canoe used for docking, and has throw it into the water. Rescue dog took the rope and slowly started peddling towards the shore. This incredible lifeline dog rescue finally ended up with the dogs safely being taken to the shore.

Fortunately, this amazing dog rescue story had a happy ending thank to the courage of the heroic dog. In the scenarios like this, it really comes to show the capability of the men’s best friend to act in the difficult situations. The whole rescue mission you can watch video in bellow .

Wouldn’t we all love to have such a well mannered dog as we saw in the video? The key thing in raising a dog depends on how much effort you give for his sake. Here are some tips on how to raise well behaved dog.First thing is first, and that is consistency. Through his youth, dog is always looking up to his human on what is ok to do and what isn’t. If you are living in a household with several other family members, it is important that everybody sticks to the rules.

If one member doesn’t want the dog to jump on the couch while other tolerates it, dog will understand that as contradiction.Second thing is socializing. Make your dog experience new things from young age. In this way he will get use to changing surrounding, and won’t be scared or surprised of new experiences. For example, make him play with other dogs, if you don’t have kids have him play with kids other than your own, etc.

Beware that dog follows and sees your every action. For them, no goes entirely depend on your. If you are trying to teach a dog something, while at the same time your actions do the opposite, it won’t get acknowledged by the dog. If you are trying to follow a walking schedule, every day at the same time, don’t open the doors if the scratching them.

If you do, the dog would think that if he won’t to go outside of the house the only thing he has to do is to scratch the doors.Main point being is that you cannot expect to have a well behaved dog, without a strong self-discipline. You know what they say, after some time dogs became their masters.[mashvideo]

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