Amazing Facts about JCB Tractors Dance Filmed on HD Camcorder


Amazing Facts about JCB Tractors Dance Filmed on HD Camcorder

Whether you have heard of JC Balls & Sons and the famous Digger Dance, they come to the Elvaston Castle Country Park each July to offer their best performance. The 2011 edition of the event was a huge success that was recorded on an HD camcorder so that you may see all the cool facts about the JCB Tractors Dance.Backhoes are gigantic vehicles that seem almost impossible to drive. However, the talented team of JCB operators managed to surprise everyone with the incredible digger dance choreography. There were five backhoe loaders, and they executed not only dangerous maneuvers but also flexible and precise movements.

Dancing onto the beat of Bodyrockers’ “I Like the Way”, the JCB Tractors Dance included balancing the machines on their sides only using the excavation buckets. They also slalomed between one another, and they were able to spin together in a straight line.The show conveys unity as the tractors dance together, sometimes even in pairs. The dexterity level is unbelievable and, as you can imagine, it is the result of long hours of hard training.

All in all, the choreography stood out, and none of the drivers missed the rhythm.The JCB Tractors Dance at the Elvaston Castle Country Park in England will surprise you. Backhoes are massive vehicles that can be hardly operated even for what they are built.Just try to imagine how hard it was to create such elaborate dance, particularly in the beginning, when drivers didn’t know how to synchronize perfectly.However, these tractors don’t seem intimidating anymore. In fact, they turned out to be extremely mobile if one knows how to handle it well. Hopefully, the JC Balls & Sons Digger Dance will perform at future events that will be shot on an HD Camcorder for everybody to see.[mashvideo]

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