A Systematic Process of Cutting a Mango like a Flower


A Systematic Process of Cutting a Mango like a Flower

You first chop off the stem of the mango fruit. This is done to create space that allows you to insert a tube-like holder that assists you to hold on the mango.
After getting a better grip of the mango fruit, you begin peeling off the skin slowly. This is done in a slow mode so as to prevent peeling the flesh off.The skin is then chopped off to a point of only the flesh with the seed inside remaining.
This is the final step which comes after remaining with the flesh only. In this step, you carefully cut the flesh from the lower side in a systematic manner to make the mango have an equal shape. The process is done in a ascending order as you move towards the top of the mango flesh. This careful way of cutting the flesh also comes as a reason of avoiding loss of the salt and oil available in the flesh.
As soon as this is done, the mango fruit eventually gains the shape of a flower.

Mango flower

Here is the story of this mango cutter:

Recently a viral video has surfaced on the internet of a street vendor from Mexico. The video is of the street vendor skillfully shaping a mango into a beautiful flower. This unique cutting style has amazed many viewers around the world. The mango which was in the viral video was placed on a stick, then magnificently sculpted into the shape of a flower, and then it would be sold to potential customers who pass by.

The video was recorded by a friend, who then submitted the video to Youtube.com which lead to the vendor’s rise to fame. There have been various requests in the video comments for the street vendor to make a tutorial on Youtube to share with the rest of the world. Though it may seem simple to sculpt a piece of mango into something so lovely, it may be more dangerous as people think. This vendor must have had many years of experience before finally creating the piece of art, which is the mango flower.


Courtesy : Youtube

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