Amazing Otto Sets Guinness World Records


Wonder Pets On Guinness World Records: Otto The Amazing Skateboarding Bulldog

Throughout the history, there have been many pets who have snatched the spotlight by breaking strange world records with their amazing skills and talent. Along with their natural ability, the pets master great skill and dexterity to accomplish most bizarre world records.

One of the craziest world records was held by Norman, the Scooter Dog which was the fastest to cross 30 meter on a scooter. He crossed 30 meter in 20.77 seconds.

guinness world records

These instances suggest that the pets we adopt can really stretch beyond the limit to do some routine household activity. With proper training and support, they can achieve amazing accomplishments that can enrich the record books.

In this article, you are going to learn about Otto the Bulldog who has stormed its way into the record books.

guinness world records

Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards, the owners of Otto, were motivated to get a bulldog after they learnt about the world records of one of the wonder pets, Tillman, who held the records of the fastest on a skateboard for a dog.

Sadly, Tillman died not so long ago. Like Tillman, Otto has surf and skim board skills other than skateboarding. Luciana got really impressed with the skills of Otto when the bulldog was skateboarding so fast towards her.

Eventually, Luciana came up with the idea to let Otto pass through a human tunnel.

Finally, Otto the Bulldog marched along its way into the world records with an outstanding effort with skateboarding. He traveled through the legs of 30 people. Otto has successfully registered the record of passing through the longest human tunnel in Lima, Peru on 8th November, 2015.

The amazing feat was ultimately registered as Guinness World Records. The event was held in honor of Guinness World Records Day, 2015. All of the 30 men faced towards the same direction by spreading their legs to allow Otto pass the tunnel freely with skateboarding.

Great number of people thronged the place with great enthusiasm to watch the amazing record attempt. Kirsten Ott, the adjudicator of Guinness World Records, was present at the spot. She witnessed the talent and skill of Otto the Bulldog and later presented him an official certificate to confirm one of the craziest world records in the history.


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