Amazing rain fall Experience


Amazing rain fall Experience

It seemed a normal day relaxing outside a hotel  resort having a happy time , the weather suddenly changes after a movement and a heavy down pour starts , the rain trickles down with heavy drops smashing down window panes as a swift whirling wind blew over the whole extensive area .

Viewing  through the window one could see heavy raindrops like huge white objects pouring over the swimming pool raising the water that seemed to form scaring images like smoke that one could not comprehend any clear conclusion what they saw .

There were black objects blown over by the temper blowing wind , they were scattered all over and into the pool making the whole compound total disaster and massed up . Tree leaves are spread all over by the strong wind . Some parts of the roof are also damage .

The rain poured within a very short time and left every one shocked of what they saw . All I cpuld say is that this was an Amazing Rainfall .


Courtesy : Youtube

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