The Amazing Thrill of Catching a Lightning in the Act


The Amazing Thrill of Catching a Lightning in the Act

The Amazing Thrill of Catching a Lightning in the Act

Have you ever seen lightning light up the sky in successive powerful flashes you felt like it was the beginning of an apocalypse? Forget what you see in movies because at the back of your mind you always know that it is the creation of some graphics expert. Well the 2.5 lightning storm clip, west of Hoxie Kansas, by Tempest Tours, should give you a clear picture.

An amazing thing with storm chasing is that the act defies basic logic. While everyone is taking cover from tornadoes and thunderstorms, chasers are busy making their way to the core. However, you might never discover the thrill associating with chasing until you watch a clip of their trophy. They go at lengths to invest in state of the art equipment. However, the whole experience is worth it.

When you watch “The Most Spectacular 2.5 Minutes of Lightning” you will definitely share the same sentiments. Consider this fact; the crew is not some movie making crew out to depict for you a face version of everything.

They chase, catch and generously share with you the trophy. The clip captures what can be called a two minute transformation from twilight to hellish lightning with enormous bolts flying here and there. At 0.4 minutes is where the thrill begins. A storm has never gotten interesting. This is because we are used to hiding from storms that we miss out on the spectacular fire bolts they display on our skies.

I have previously heard of people taking tours with chasing crews. However, I have never thought of it as a worthwhile venture. Why would I want to chase a storm that can pulverize me in a matter of seconds? However, after watching the clip I am ready to change my mind, at least in the near future if not immediately. [mashvideo]

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