An Emotional and Inspiring Dog Rescue Story must watch video


An Emotional and Inspiring Dog Rescue Story must watch video

On a Monday, the 11th May 2015, something interesting happened. A good samaritan found, provided attention to and finally rescued a dog in Phoenix, Arizona. This story is not about a homeless dog rescue as such, but it is rather one amazing dog rescue from a cruel owner.

However, you may not get the impression that this is one of the most amazing dog stories until you learn more about Arizona. Arizona’s temperatures sometimes hit the highs of 120 degrees during the summer. To the utter surprise of the person who created this YouTube video, there was a dog chained in the backyard of the cruel owner despite the harsh climate.

The rescuer reports the dog had been in this situation for over three years. That is 24/7 throughout all the seasons. No one would even approach the dog and play with it. Therefore, apart from the dog’s painful experience throughout the high temperatures, it was also lonely and dull. It even grew seemingly unfriendly.

The dog would snarl and bark harshly at anyone it saw. This behavior was due to the unfriendliness its cruel owners had shown it. Later, when the rescuer had petted the dog daily for a while through the fence, it became so used to affection and the attention it was getting and loved it. The rescuer also came to love the dog.

The dog was not receiving any medical care too, and neither was the owner bathing him which is surprising. The rescuer later meets the owner of the dog and insists on taking the dog to a veterinary for it had a lot of sores on the back of its ears.

This lifeline dog rescue is so touching and emotional considering that a friendly dog, who is additionally beautiful, could get such a harsh treatment. The owner later confirmed that the dog never had freedom from the post for over ten years.

However, the great news is that the dog finally got a new owner and a new home. And not just a new home, but it will never get chained again. It lives happily in its new home and will enjoy the love for as long as it lives. It is a great act to rescue dogs.[mashvideo]

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