An Ordinary Fires Weapon Saves Us Magically


An Ordinary Fires Weapon Saves Us Magically

We always think that a fires weapon will kill us fast and effectively. When we are in underwater, the ordinary fire weapon saves our life. How could it be? Guns are not working properly underwater. It is proven by a physicist named Andreas Wahl who did water experiment using fire weapons recently. This is not a miracle nor magic. Totally, it is a great science fiction weapons.

The causes are:

1. Same force and sound, but different momentum. When we use our guns in underwater, we can see that there will be a big bubble appeared resulted as the impact from the force of the gun, and we can hear the noise as loud as the noise when we shoot above the water. But in underwater, the bullet cannot reach our body well, because it lost its momentum, since water molecules are more coming together and 800x denser rather than air molecules.

2. Different pressure. There are some different pressure in the front of the bullet, between a vacuum of water and behind the bullet. It causes the pressure squeeze the gas tighter and tighter and makes the bullet lost its force and never reach the target.

Actually there a lot of people and especially scientist do some science experiments to prove that ordinary weapons are not working properly underwater. Though we all know that guns are not working properly in underwater, but still it’s scary moment. Therefore, now we know that there is a special underwater weapons that is usually used by frogmen. This kind of weapon first developed during the Cold War in the 1960s. 

The special feature of this underwater firearms or also called as needleguns is that they use flechettes instead of standard bullets. As the name given, flechettes has a shape like an arrow to give the bullets a stable flight.Nowadays, the development of fire weapons is getting better. There are weapons which are designed for both use; for out-of-water and underwater. So, if you want to do the same fire weapon experiment like Wahl did, make sure that you use the ordinary fires weapon with standard bullet.


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