Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies


Angela Nikolau numbs the world with her adrenaline stunts

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies

A daring 23-year-old Russian girl seems determined to shock, scare and thrill the world with selfies of her dangerous stunts from the bizarre heights of skyscrapers, cranes, bridges and whatever structure that crosses her line of sight. She has often pulled the dizzying stunts alongside her partner, and she seems to relish the profound excitement and amazement that she casts on her fans and critics all over the world.

Some of Nikolau’s videos and Instagram photos show her perching precariously on towers, or performing crazy yoga moves on the edges of some of the world’s tallest buildings and structures. Her adventurous stunts are so terrifying that she has often required drones and body cameras since her hands are usually fully occupied on holding firm to maintain her precarious balance.


 Posing at ease on a 640-meter tall construction

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies

One of Angela Nikolau’s most mortifying stunts was in China, where she stood a loft a very tall crane that was positioned on a 640-meter construction. Her stunts lack precedence yet she performs them with superhuman calmness and tactful efficiency. She has a calm demeanor and a profound aspect of innocence, which is quite inconsistent with her daredevil stunts.

From her lofty heights, the cityscape below appears in tiny details just like it would look were she to view it from the windows of a high-flying helicopter. Nikolau is known for her passion for roof-climbing and scaling walls. She climbs with the speed and efficiency that does not seem humanly possible.

She is truly exceptional in the field of risky photography, especially when you consider the fact that other people who have tried crazy stunts are dead or paralyzed.

Pulling terrifying stunts without protective gear

One would think that Nikolau relies on some special gear to guarantee her safety as she scales one height after another. However, her Instagram photos and videos show her with nothing but a smartphone or a selfie stick. She did not have any protective belts, helmets, or impact-resistant gear when she was photographed back-flipping on a skyscraper’s rooftop.

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies (3)

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies (5)

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies (6)

Angela Nikolau And Her Death-Defying Selfies (8)

Angela Nikolau’s dangerous selfies are regarded in both positive and negative light. Those who admire her daring spirit consider her risky selfies as a symbol of a liberated woman. Others consider her as an attention seeker. Nonetheless, she has redrawn the limits of high risk photography, especially when considered in the light of urban exploring initiatives. Without doubt, Nikolau has already secured a special place in the history and literature of selfies.


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