Angry rhino attack full tourist car in african safari park watch what happens


Angry rhino attack full tourist car in african safari park watch what happens

This amazing incident was captured by tourists on safari during an African Tour recently, and you will not believe what happens. They were hoping to see some Wild Animals, and boy did they! They are tracking a Black Rhino (native to the continent) with their cell phone camera as it trots through the savanna, then suddenly the angry ungulate catches sight of the tourist car: a white Jeep which is driving in the convoy behind them. The women who are filming with their digital camera gasp as the wild animal makes a beeline for the Jeep and charges it.

The lone rhinoceros unleashes a furious attack on the passenger side of the Tourist Car, which is full of tourists at the safari park. The best digital camera with hd video footage shows the force of the impact as the rhino’s horn crumples the heavy steel door of the car. The passengers inside are surely terrified, and the women filming from their own Jeep can’t do anything but watch and catch these astounding african safari images.The rhino seems to have detected no threat being present after all, and so it moves off and the Jeep drives on, continuing the Africa Vacation. There’s no doubt that was the most exciting thing those folks saw all day, though!

Animals sometimes attack on africa safari tours when they think the people are a threat to their young or are trespassing in their territory. The reason the Rhino here slammed into the Jeep was probably due to the animal’s naturally poor eyesight and lack of depth perception. The Black Rhino, along with the White Rhino, is one of the more aggressive breeds, though all rhinoceroses are loners to some extent; the Sumatran and Indian species are the least likely to charge. In fact, they tend to run from perceived threats. It’s interesting to note that this aggressive rhino looks to be all alone, so probably is not a mother protecting a calf.

The best african safaris take precautions to make sure no one is hurt. Even if a wild animal attacks, as the Rhino in this stunning video, they make sure their Jeeps are reinforced, that the doors are always locked, the windows are rolled up, and everyone stays inside where it’s as safe as possible.

Even so, it’s not possible to be 100% safe when touring through the wild animals’ home on the African savanna. A rhino, for instance, weighs up to 3 tons. That is just a little less than an average Jeep. The tourists in the video, and the safari leader driving the vehicle, did the smart thing and drove ahead immediately. If the Jeep had stayed where it was, the angry animal may have attacked again, thinking the threat was standing its ground. However, it should be noted that the rhinoceros is not a predator animal (if it was, it would have fangs and claws, and be carnivorous) so it was probably only trying to scare the tourists in the Jeep away, not trying to kill them.

Though the african safari images look scary, all’s well that ends well on this and every Africa Vacation![mashvideo]

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