Animal attack on Giant Snakes Watch What Happens


Animal attack on Giant Snakes Watch What Happens

The battle between big cats and giant snakes has been brewing in the wild for millions of years now. With evolution equipping each species with the tools it needs to kill, feed and survive, nature sets the stage for some crazy animal attacks. Normally at the top of the food chain, big cats like tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars get to feed on numerous types of prey, both big and small. In almost all wildlife animal videos, big cats dominate and brutalize their prey while making a quick meal out of them. Well, there’s a surprising twist to the saga in this South African safari video when three different big cats attempt to take down some very powerful giant snakes. You better keep on reading and see why this is one of the most entertaining African wildlife videos that will leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat.

The wildlife video has a great soundtrack that fits the scenes perfectly. What could be better than a James Bond theme song as animals attack animals? If all wildlife had an arena, then these animals would be the ultimate gladiators. The animal attack begins with a huge python just going about its business when an adult leopard appears, albeit cautiously. The Python waits for the leopard to make its move. Seemingly experienced with snake hunting, the cat instinctively avoids the python’s long body and goes for the head. The python tries to slither away but gets a bite right in the head. Just when the leopard thinks its scored an appetizing lunch, the python fights back and sees an opening where it takes the chance to slither into a pool of water. The leopard cannot believe that it has lost an easy lunch.

The next clip is full of raw power and unbelievable action as an even bigger python faces off with the biggest cat of all, the Tiger. All claws and teeth sharpened, you can tell that the tiger is starved as he goes straight for the kill. Clamping down on the giant python’s neck, the cat tries to immobilize and kill the snake, while still attempting to avoid the coiling slithering body. Seemingly victorious, the tiger floors the python with its claws, but things take a turn for the worst. Slithering its tail around the aggressive tiger, the cat finds itself in the deadly embrace of the giant python. The tiger fights for breath as the snake coils its body tighter and tighter around the cat’s ribcage. Death is right around the corner for the Tiger as each breath becomes more labored than the last. Finally, the tiger spins, claws, whips, and lashes out until it frees itself from the bone-crunching grasp of the snake and flees, grateful to be alive.

Jaguars are much smaller in stature when compared to the bigger cats, but what they lack in size is more than compensated by sheer brains and aggressiveness. Filmed with one of the best video camera for wildlife, we see a black panther so hungry that he is willing to take down a giant anaconda. The Panthers approach is different from the other cats since he begins the attack from the anaconda’s tail. The anaconda slithers in the water, but the persistent panther drags it out biting and slashing until the giant snake is dead. Cunningly, the sneaky Jaguar that was watching the whole fight with her cubs takes this chance to steal the kill from a disappointed black panther. This is just one of the many wildlife videos youtube where nature gives evidence of survival for the fittest.[mashvideo]

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