Watch amazing animal fight video leopard vs great python caught on camera in jungle safari tours


Watch amazing animal fight video leopard vs great python caught on camera in jungle safari tours

Adding to our series of animal fight videos, we bring our latest animal fight – a fight between an animal on four legs – a lion, and a slithering, serpentine giant. These are both top predators in their categories and it means conflict and competition when they meet.The animal fight video starts with an image, submitted by one of its viewers, that shows a giant snake, seemingly an anaconda, wrapping itself around a big lion. The image also suggests that during the animal fight, the lion took a big bite out of the snake. Intrigued? Most of the viewers of the image were. Hoax Factor brings us some more facts and background in the wildlife video. Here are some questions that strike one after viewing the image – do anacondas and lions live in the same area? The video explains that lions are found in Africa and Asia (India, to be more specific), while anacondas are found in the Amazonian forests of South America. On careful observation of the fight video, one does not find the image we spoke of earlier, to be a part of the animal fight scene. The video, after some investigation, explains how the image submitted was actually a digitally modified image. The two images that were combined were – one from a mating scene, from which the lion was retained, and another shot of a snake from a completely different context.

Consequently, it is speculated in the snake shown in the image could be a snake, or rather, a Python from Africa and definitely not an anaconda. The markings on the snake could mean it is a North African Rock Python. These big snakes can grow up to 10 – 15 feet long and are known to kill large vertebrates, including humans. Such conflicts are not uncommon in wild. They are also known to attack and kill lion cubs. And that means a fight with their protector parent lions and lionesses.

However, one has to be extremely lucky and adventurous to capture a wildlife video of that kind. The video moves on to show a real animal fight in the African wildlife, between a lioness and a snake, in this case, a Python. We see how a python tries to make a meal of a lion cub, apparently a preferred item on the menu of a North African Rock Python. We can see a tough battle between a lion cub and the python in the video. The python had the position of advantage in the fight with the lion cub lying on the ground, kicking with all it had to free its front leg from the python’s grip. After a rugged scuffle, the python loses its grip on the lion cub, and it escapes. This video is another contender for best video camera for wildlife. How does one go and capture such videos? One can start with these pointers – grab a professional wildlife camera, book your African wildlife safari tours on a car that allows you to take photos and videos without leaving the car, take local experts along who have knowledge about the area and try your luck. With a wide mix of prey and predators, one is sure to capture some animal fight videos and wildlife videos. Maybe this will give our adventure lovers a motivation, to explore African wildlife.

Why Animals Fight:The animal planet is full of drama. Many of these dramas revolve around fights. This can be seen in many wildlife videos on YouTube. These fights are mostly between different species. However, many wildlife animal videos have revealed that there are some species who fight among each other. In order for you to get to see these fights or even record them, you nned to select the best video camera for wildlife. There are very many reasons why animals fight. Here is a look at some of them.

Animal fight for food:Since many animals are carnivorous or omnivorous in nature, they have to eat in order to survive. The only way to get this food, is through fighting and killing another animal. They must therefore develop strategies on how to successfully do this. Speed and intelligence pays a key role when it comes to this. Fights between members of the same species sometimes occur over rivalry over a feeding area. Some may want to keep others away and not want to share food or the feeding area. This, is as is the case with deer.

Animal Fight for life:As seen in many African Wildlife videos, many animals fight in order to save their lives. They have to defend themselves against predators.


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