Animals Attack Humans watch Crazy Animal Safari Incidents


Animals Attack Humans watch Crazy Animal Safari Incidents

Most people believe that the best way to view an animal is in its natural habitat. This can however be very risky. There are a number of crazy animal safari incidents that have happened during jungle safari tours.

1. Back in August, 2014 in South Africa at the Pilanesburg National Park, some individuals in a vehicle were almost crashed to death by an elephant that saw their car as a perfect place to scratch on. The passengers were however very lucky. However the vehicle was as lucky as it ended up with all four tires blown out and the chassis broken.

2. In 2013, while Chantal Beyer and her husband were one of the many jungle safari tours, the tour guide encouraged them to step out of their vehicle and get a picture close to one of the jungle safari animals, the rhino. The safari however did not end so well as Chantal got pierced through the chest by one of the rhinos. She was however very lucky as she miraculously survived the injuries.

3. In 2006 Patrick Smith was a victim of one of the safari animals as well. He and his wife had visited Kenya on their honeymoon when an elephant attacked and trampled him to death.

4. Kariba in Zimbambwe is another place that is very common for safari tours. There have been animal attacks in Kariba as well. A good example is when Sharai Mawera and her boyfriend were having sex in the bushes when the woman got ripped to death by a lion.

5. Another example of crazy animal safari incidents is when Katherine Chapel got attacked by a lion in 2015 while she was on a safari. Katherine was the special effects editor in the TV Show Game of Thrones. It is said that Katherine rolled down her window to get a good shot of the lions and the lion attacked her through the window.

6. In 2013, some tourists also faced an animal attack by a giraffe. The giraffe is said to have had a hormonal imbalance. It chased down the jeep ruining it and kicking at the driver. No one was hurt since the giraffe eventually lost interest and left.

7. In 2015, a hunter by the name Ian Gibson was trampled to death by an elephant he and his friends had been tracking down with the intention to hunt. The hunter got only a single shot of the animal.

8. Back in 2009, 4 British couples who invested over a million dollars to go on a safari at Senbona Wildlife reserve were attacked by lions. The lions tipped over the car when the driver dried to back up. The lions were however unable to get to the couple from under the car and were therefore not injured. They however sued the reserve for the incident.

9. In 2014 there was animal attack at the Kruger National Park. An elephant flipped over a british couples car making it roll several times. The woman got her thigh pierced by the elephant. The elephant was put down for posing risk to tourists.

10. In 2013, there was another incident at Kruger National Park. An Impala was being chased by two cheetahs when it leapt inside a tourist vehicle through an open window. The tourist waited for the cheetahs to leave then opened the door to free the impala.[mashvideo]

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