Another Jewel In Crown! A.R. Rahman Writing Script For Movie


Another Jewel In Crown! A.R. Rahman Writing Script For Movie

Oscar winner, A. R. Rahman has recently announced that he will be breaking new ground in an industry and will now enter into the field of script writing. You would be amazed to know that the man has started script writingfor an upcoming Hollywood movie. However, Rahman didn’t reveal the name and other information about the film.

In an interview, Rahman revealed that he is working on a script for a movie and is also planning to co-producethe film. Rahman also added that the work is now in progress.A.R. Rahman

However, the reticent Oscar-winner didn’t reveal much about the movie. The sources believe that that the movie is likely to be a multi-lingual project which will be release in three languages Tamil, Telgu and English. A news source , who works in Rahman’s umber-swanky K M College of Music said that Rahman is very secretive about his work. However, the Rahman is constantly looking for innovative outlets. These sources also revealed that Rahman loves to compose music since his college time; he was a real rock star of his college. The man has successfully worked with no. of international projects and now he is doing something more creative.

Readers would be stunned to note that Rahman’s close association with ad filmmaker Bharatbala may have helped with this new profession in the B-town. No one can deny the fact that Bharat has always been Rahman’s great buddy and he has always encouraged him to try new things. Reports reveal that the duo (Rahman and Bharat) has spent a lot of time together in the US.

After creating miracles with the composing and background for more than 12 years, the legend took a well-deserved change in his professional life, now we have another quality script writer in our country.  Rahman too revealed that the music composition for the movie ‘Lingaa’ took lot of time.

Some rumours were high that Rahman will even direct this film for which he is writing a script. However, Rahman has denied the fact and said he is not completely ready to enter in the field of direction. The man also added that direction needs a lot of skills and creativity and I am probably not made for it.

Rahman has successfully worked with 12 movies in the year 2014. When the star was asked about his favorite project of the year he revealed that, working is an art for me and I enjoy doing it. He also concluded saying that Shankar’s I and Linga were amazing, one should definitely watch these movies. This year Rahman has also worked for two international projects, these songs got highly viral all over the globe.

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