Are They Copied From Hollywood!


Are They Copied From Hollywood!

Everyone in this world knows that famous B-world has always been accused for copying and stealing the ideas, designs and concepts from the successful Hollywood films, Readers would be stunned to note that majority of work that is done in Indian film industry is “ copied or inspired” from some other Hollywood films. Today Media24by7 is going to deliver what you have never ever imagined. The bollywood movies who are considered as the mile stone of Indian Cinema are the specimen of Hollywood ones.copy boolywood movies

The movie Sholay, released in the year 1975 is considered to be the most renowned movie of Hollywood. The movie stared the duo of most versatile actors (Amitabh and Dharmendra). Readers would be completely stunned to know that the action drama Sholay was copied from the Hollywood movie ‘The magnificent seven’. Both the movies had same similar theme and similar story plot as well.

Another successful movie of bollywood, Bazigar is also inspired or we can even say completely copied from the Hollywood film ‘A kiss before ‘dieing’. Shahrukh’s character and makeover was completely similar with that of the lead star of movie ‘A kiss before dieing’. There was a gap of two years between the release of both the movies.
Sarkar was the Inidan political drama film released in the year 2005. Amitabh was the lead actor of the film. The film got highly appreciated around the world. Amitabh even received several awards for his excellent performance in the film. The story plot of the film Sarkar was completely copied from the Hollywood political drama film ‘The god father’. The movie ‘The god father’ was released in the year 1972.

Lovely story of a comic romance in the movie ‘Satte pe satta’ got highly viral around the world. It was another commercial hit which casted Amitabh in the lead role. The movie satte pe satta was inspired from the Hollywood comic drama film ‘Seven brides for seven grooms’. The movie ‘Seven brides for seven grooms’ was released in the year 1954.

Indian drama movie, Black was directed by the renowned director Sanjay Leela Bansali. The movie stared Rani Mukharjee in the lead role. The movie revealed the story of a blind girl and her heartily relations with her teacher. The movie highlighted the inspirational story of Helen Keller. Black considered as the commercial hit in the year 2005. However the story was completely copied from the Hollywood film ‘The miracle worker’. The movie ‘Miracle worker was released in the year 1962.

The patriotic drama film ‘Mother India’ was inspired form the Hollywood film ‘The good earth’. However, there was a large gap of 20 years between the official releases of both the films.

The story of lavish romance in the movie ‘Man’ was a perfect copy of the Hollywood film ‘An affair to remember’. Even the tragic theme of both the movies was similar.

The all time famous Chachi 420 is a copy of Hollywood film ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. The movie Mrs. Doubtfire was officially released in the year 1993.

The action- romance drama Tezab was inspired from the Hollywood movie ‘Streets of fire’.
These are some popular Indian movies that are inspired by Hollywood . For more interesting updates stay tuned with Media24by7.

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