Are You Ready to Try the Funny Videos Challenge?


Are You Ready to Try the Funny Videos Challenge?

People across the world are taking the opportunity to see if they can pass the funny videos challenge. The trick is to watch one of the top funny videos on the internet in its entirety without laughing, or without even smiling or grinning. The “Try Not to Laugh or Grin Challenge IMPOSSIBLE” video is a six-minute film that is packed full of funny clips, hilarious pranks, and silly everyday mishaps. These clips are so funny that it is nearly impossible to last the entire six minutes without even letting a smile slip across your face.

Once you have tried the challenge for yourself, maybe even multiple times, put your friends and family members to the test and find out how well they do. It is certainly not as easy as you may think, especially since the clips continue to get funnier as the video progresses. Take the funny videos challenge today and find out if you can beat the impossible.


(Courtesy : YouTube)

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