Arjun Kapoor Says ‘NO’ To Movies


Arjun Kapoor Says ‘NO’ To Movies

Last year actor Arjun Kapoor was busy with his three back to back bollywood movies. His action drama movie ‘Tevar’ was highly appreciated all over the country. After giving such hit movies, the star is now planning to have break for some days. Arjun recently stated at the media conference that he needs some break to relax and will not work with any project for some days. However, everyone agrees to the fact that Arjun has done a great job in the movies like two states and tevar. The movies have even raised his fan following among the world. Arjun’s terrific looks and his action drama in the film ‘Gunday’ was considered as the only strength of the movie. The star did a great job in Gunday.


In an interview, the star revealed that he has not signed any film yet, as he does not like much stuff offered to him. Arjun concluded by saying that ‘too many cooks spoil the dish’, same like that too many projects would spoil my image if I could not work properly with them. Arjun feels that one should always work according to his skills and capabilities. A lot of work can even create a big mess.

The star feels like he has been on a bullet train in order to achieve a successful career. Arjun has worked in six films in the last two years. However, the star showcased his quality and real acting skills in his debut film ‘Ishqzade’. Arjun feels that the movie is a milestone of his career and have a great emotional memories with the film.

Arjun says that as an actor, one needs to push the envelope. The star is now in the search for some innovative characters that will help him improve and explore his acting. He wishes to work with new and trending directors in order to learn something special. Arjun further revealed that the break would not be so longer. However he highly needs it to unwind himself perfectly. He further added that he wants to calm down. The break will allow him to plan about how to approach his work further.

The star also said that the last two years were amazing; he has a lot of emotional memories with these years. He got a lot of appreciation from audiences and critics for the six movies he worked in, but now it is a high time to have break. Finally Arjun concluded that it is nice to slow down at some phases of life, this will encourage me to work more brilliantly afterwards. We hope Arjun would soon start working again, as his fans want him to work with a lot of new projects.

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