Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, When Patna Meets Mumbai


Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, When Patna Meets Mumbai

Tall, dark and handsome Arjun Kapoor and the sparkling diva Sonakshi are in love with each other. People may think it is a publicity stunt for their upcoming movie ‘Tevar’, but the couple is really going through serious love affair.

Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha

They are not just the neighbors but over the last few months the couple had taken a holiday together. They have often gone out for several films together. While the couple has so far managed to keep their relationship under wraps from the outside world. Even the couple has not revealed anything about their relationship in front of their friends or family members. The actor has gone on record denying that he and his costar Sonakshi are in relationship. However, the couple came together for Gauri Khans birthday party. It is believed that Sonakshi and Arjun are serious about their relationship. The couple was spotted together in Istanbul; there the couple sealed the deal for us to believe that they are in relation with each other. There, sonakshi was spotted hiding her face to avoid getting caught!

These days, Sonakshi has stopped hanging out with Shahid Kapoor. However, Sonakshi had recently praised Shahid for his excellent performance in Haider. Reports state that Arjun’s younger sister Anushka is extremely happy about Arjun’s relations with Sonakshi. Actually, Anushka is fond of Sonakshi. The both are good friends too. She has given her approval to Arjun’s relationship with sonakshi sinha. Even the trio was spotted together at a movie date.

The long and quality time that the couple spent together on the set of Tevar brought them more close to each other. So there is a higher chance for the couple to date each other. Media24by7 wishes them luck to have a good love life. We also hope they will soon make things more official.

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