Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Chased by a Wild Elephant


Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Chased by a Wild Elephant And Shares His Experiences In His Instagram Account

Though Arnold Schwarzenegger may be known as the terminator in his movies, when he is not terminating bad guys on the screen this awesome actor has a sense for nature, look what he get’s into!!!!!

This became evident after he posted an animal video attack on his Instagram account. He was out on a safari for will adventures in South Africa when this huge Wild Elephantinstagram was curious about his jeep and it decided to investigate. At the beginning, the elephant curiously investigates the jeep, and then backs off. It then suddenly turns back and starts to charge at him. It picks up great speed as the jeep speeds away.

Perhaps we can interpret this to have been the beginning of a scary chase scene in one of many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. He later expressed his views about the encounter saying.

“I could not have scripted this safari any better if it was a movie. I am absolutely amazed by these creatures. They are strong and beautiful, despite the fact that some of us have to change their pants after this encounter. We have to stop killing them. You better not take a shot but take a photo. Would it be better to experience the beauty of these creatures or just sell their ivory? I thought so..” 

This animals are really beautiful and the only thing we can hope is that they will be here forever for us to enjoy!!!!!

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