B-1 Lancer US Airforce Strategic Bomber Aircraft


US Airforce Most Powerful Strategic Aircraft Bomber – The B-1 Lancer

The B-1 Lancer US airforce Powerful Strategic Aircraft Bomber

Developed by Rockwell International, the B-1 Lancer has the largest internal payload of any current bomber in the US airforce. Returning in June 2016 from a six month deployment, the crew among the B-1 known as the “Tigers”, flew more than 6,800 hours with over 550 missions.

Proving its vital role in the US Airforce once again, the crew made a huge impact on Combat Post Keating in 2009, when soldiers were attacked by hundreds of insurgents armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Making Military News in 2014, the airforce announced its plans to overhaul the B-1 Lancer, with an expected finish date in 2019. The upgrades are meant to keep these armed forces aircraft through the year 2040 (originally built in the 1980s). These military aircraft have played a vital role in aiding US armed forces.

The B-1 Lancer, has aided US and NATO military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. In September of 2013, the B-1 Lancer took part in a military drill, deploying laser-guided bombs and long range anti-ship missiles. The US Navy sees the B-1 as an asset for many duties, including patrolling shipping lanes.

With fuel tanks holding 10,000 gallons of fluid, a 5,900 mile range, and a thrust with afterburner of 30, 780 lbf, the B-1 Bomber really is a unique defensive weapon. There are currently 62 actively being used. The army plans on using these bombers in a joint combined arms warfare in the future.

B-1 Lancer US airforce Powerful Strategic Aircraft Bomber

While the future may hold a lot of plans for these bombers, when they initially came out there were many problems, both military and political. At that time, the nuclear arms race had produced a large political group inside the US, who was looking for an end to the arms race. In and out of commission over time, the B-1 Lancer, proved more effective than guns, dropping guided bombs against tribesman who lacked anti-aircraft capabilities.

Want to learn more about these bombers? The US Air Force Museum in Dayton OH houses one of the original B-1B Lancers built in 1984. [mashvideo]

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