B-52 US Air Force BOMBING RUN GoPro Footage From Inside The Bomb Bay


B-52 US Air Force BOMBING RUN GoPro Footage From Inside The Bomb Bay

Earlier this year, the United States Pentagon released video of a B-52 Stratofortress dropping bombs down on an ISIS weapons cache. The video was interesting and scary, showing the destruction released on the cache when the carrier released its bombs.

But this video is nothing compared to similar YouTube videos depicting the actual, up close, bomb bay view from inside the Boeing carrier using an attached GoPro to show the entire process of dropping these bomb.

The bombers in these videos have a GoPro attached to them inside the b52 bomb bay, revealing to the world exactly what it looks like when on a B52 bombing run. I can tell you, it is very powerful and really makes you think about the experience of war.

In these interesting and scary videos, you can easily see the bombs falling quickly to earth before the devastation can be seen on the camera. The earth shakes, and even though the camera is a thousand feet in the air and far away from the explosions it even seems as if the camera shakes a little as well. The dust and debris fly upward towards the plane and the GoPro camera with great speed.

This is all the proof we need to know that the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is incredibly dangerous and not a weapon to be messed with. Still, the videos are oddly captivating. I would love to see a USAF YouTube channel titled Daily Military Update that releases many more videos with GoPro’s attached to various military gear.

Or even just continue with more videos from the b52 GoPro footage. This would be a great way to educate the regular public on what war is really like and to show the world the real power and fear of working with these weapons.

The B52 ordinance is massive. The bomber can carry up to eight harpoon missiles and fifty-one five hundred pound bombs. That’s a lot of bombs. The Stratofortress also has the ability to carry weapons that can direct themselves as needed. The carriers 12 joint direct-attack weapons and its 16 wind-corrected dispensers make sure that the target is always correctly on sight, making this bomber very deadly and dangerous.

The Stratofortress also used to contain a jamming system that could work while the bomber was flying through the air, but the government has since discontinued this system. The jamming system was used off and on for a few years before the government finally decided to officially end the use of the system. [mashvideo]

Source: US Military Update

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