BAAM!! Is HTC 10 the best smartphone of 2016 ??


BAAM!! Is HTC 10 the best smartphone of 2016 ??

HTC 10 is HTC’s flagship phone for 2016. It comes after the heels of its successful predecessors, the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M7. With new and upgraded features from those of previous HTC phones, the HTC 10 is out to give Samsung and Apple a run for their money.

This new HTC phone is made mostly of metal, with plastic material found at its edges. It has a new chamfered contour and a metal and matte finish. Undeniably the best smartphone to come out this year, the HTC 10 boasts of using OIS in both its back and front cameras, resulting in steady, sharp, and bright opticals regardless of which camera is used. Its audio features have also been upgraded. It uses the new HTC BoomSound hi-fi edition speakers that feature the same woofer design and separated tweeter as the major acoustic systems. Each speaker has a dedicated amplifier that allows it to deliver quality audio unlike any other smartphone. With these come the Hi-Res audio certified earphones, which are made of 70 percent over sized drivers and a thin aerospace-grade polymer diaphragm that measures 8mm. These provide users with twice more frequency range, as well as a richer sound. For sure, these are the best audio accessories for the best smartphone. Unlike the HTC One M9, which was the best smartphone 2015, the HTC 10 is twice more responsive that even the fastest and smallest finger movements are tracked smoothly and perfectly. In addition, its auto-optimization algorithm allows its apps to launch 50 percent faster.

Equipped with fingerprint security features, your phone is sure to stay protected. However, you can still easily unlock it as it recognize your fingerprint from every position and angle. Its smart algorithm also enables it to recognize you more quickly over time. Moreover, it allows you to interact with your phone more creatively, as you can drag icons anywhere across it. You can also choose from a wide array of themes, and with a battery that last up to two days of normal use, you can definitely enjoy hours of fun and productivity on this new HTC phone.

When compared to the features of the new smartphones 2016 from other brands, it can be seen that the HTC 10 features are very much at par with those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Apple Iphone 7, making this HTC hone one of the contenders for the top smartphones this year!

See the hands on video on HTC 10 below.[mashvideo]

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