What can you do in your backpacking Maldives tour?

Having a full-fledged Maldives tour is the dream of any traveler. Most of the time, you will get to see that people are going to the Maldives for a long tour. But have you ever tried to take a trip to the Maldives by only backpacking? Probably not. In that case, we are going to tell you how you can do a backpacking Maldives tour within a small budget. In this article, we are going to talk about a few things you can do in your Maldives trip budget plan. backpacking Maldives.

backpacking maldives

backpacking maldives

Take the public ferry ride

One of the most convenient and budget-friendly options in the Maldives is to take the public ferry ride. Most of the time, you will get the ferry and the whole experience will blow your mind. These rides are connected with different islands in the Maldives and you can go to those places with the help of this ride. So the people who want to explore the Maldives in the local way should take up the ferry ride to understand the network of the Islands. It is also within the budget of any backpacker in the Maldives.

Maldives public ferry ride

Public ferry boat transfers in the Maldives

PC: Maldives Island Resorts

Backpackers Maldives Explore the capital

You will get to see the bustling capital city named Male of the Maldives which can give you the feeling that a place like the Maldives can have a city life as well. So if you want to experience that, you must consider exploring the capital city along with the other cities like Hulhumale and Vilingili. So it will be a very good idea for you to explore a few cities along with your beach tour. We always suggest our readers have some variety in their tour so that the vacation cannot get monotonous.

Hulhumalé smart island city of Maldives

PC: Housing Development Corporation

Backpacker Maldives Go for snorkeling

You can also try out the underwater snorkeling to experience the aqua life in the Maldives. You will find a lot of places where you can try out snorkeling and they will guide you through the whole process very easily. On the whole trip, you will be taken to the coral reef which looks great under the water. So if you have a love for underwater aqua creatures then you must go snorkeling in your backpacking Maldives tour. It will be a lifetime experience for you to go underwater and check out the aqua life at your arms’ length.

Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour

PC: Thrillophilia

Participate in coffee culture

If the Maldives can ever have a national drink then it will be coffee for sure. In case you go for a Maldives trip budget plan, you should include participation in any reasonable coffee culture program there. You will find a lot of coffee plantation where they will invite you for a paid event of coffee culture workshop. If you think that you are inclined towards coffee and want to experience the whole coffee culture procedure then you must consider taking this workshop and attending it wholeheartedly. It will feel like heaven for all the coffee lovers out there.

Maldives can ever have a national drink then it will be coffee

PC: ArrivalGuides

Experience the beaches

This is the most common thing to do in the Maldives and that is why you can consider it an obvious thing to do in your backpacking Maldives tour. You can also find artificial beaches here where you will get local Island guest houses to serve you all the time. So if you think that you are a beach person then you must check out the artificial beaches to see what parameters are different from the natural beaches. So you can experience some solitude on beaches rather than staying inside for a whole day on your vacation.

maldives beaches

Veligandu Island Beach, in the Maldives

PC: Kiwi

Ride on the waves

This thing is specially made for the people who love to try out different adventure sports. If you are a person like that then you can take up surfing as a time pass sport which can give you a lot of fun when you will learn it completely. So it can be a very good idea for you to try out some adventure sports in your Maldives trip budget tour. You will get to see a lot of people riding on the waves to learn to surf in the Maldives, especially during vacation.

surf breaks in Maldives

Surf breaks in Maldives

PC: Visit Maldives

Contribute to your surroundings

The people in the Maldives are quite serious about the environment-related issues and that is why they always conduct some programmed so that people can be a little bit considerate. If you are an environmentally conscious person then you can join their “Save the Beach” campaign where they are trying to promote the importance of a clean beach among the people so that they can keep it clean because of him. So in this way you can take part in a very unique campaign in your free time in the Maldives.

Save the Beach” campaign Maldives

Save the Beach” campaign in Maldives by National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM)

PC: The islandchief

Enjoy the sunset

Enjoying the sunset with your family or friends is one of the most beautiful things to do in the Maldives. Even if you are on a backpacking Maldives tour, then also you can go all by yourself to enjoy the breath-taking site of sunset. In this case, you can sit in a café nearby the beach area and enjoy the view with steaming cup of coffee. Most of the cafes in this area will have a view of the sunset and that is why you can get a place to sit while experiencing the mesmerizing scene.

Maldives Sunset

Beautiful sunset at Maldivian beach

PC: iStock

Join the concert of the local band

There are a lot of local bands performing in the Maldives and that is why you will be able to join their concert in your Maldives trip budget tour. The most famous band in the Maldives is Hiyani. So if you ever decide to have a backpacking Maldives tour then you should give it a try to listen to a local band concert.

Sounds of Maldives at Mount Lavinia

Sounds of Maldives at Mount Lavinia

PC: Maldives Insider

Count the stars under the sky

You can have a stargazing session in the Maldives if you have an interest in this type of cosmic theory. It is one of the most common things to do here because you will get a clear sky at night to gaze at the stars. You just have to lie down on the beach and enjoy the vast sky right above you. It will give you some calmness.

A starry night sky in the Maldives

A starry night sky in the Maldives

PC: Pinterest

These are the basic things you can include in your Maldives trip budget plan. If you ever decide to take a backpacking Maldives tour then you should include these things in your travel plan.

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