Banning of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu


Banning of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu is a bull running sport. The bull-taming event-a tradition has been there for ages. Tamil historians put forward that the event came to be earlier than the Spanish matadors, that is, the 2nd century AD. The event was banned last year for the first time after the previous UPA government imposing its cancellation citing brutality.

Unlike popular Spanish traditional of bull-fighting, the goal of Jallikattu is not to kill the bulls. Critics has it that they have chili powder thrown to their eyes and fed with liquor before chased by revellers. Over the years, dozens of people have been killed and many more others getting major and minor injuries.

The banning of the sport has been opposed by animal rights activists and on the other hand championed by politicians. Tamil’s state elections which will be held later this year have had politicians urging the centre to authorization of the sport. Tamil’s Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa lobbied strongly for the event to be allowed. The Chief Minister have written to the Prime Minister requesting him to use ordinance or executive order to allow for the sport to be held.[mashvideo]

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