Amazing basketball experiment

This is yet another video drafted with bewildering scientific stunts, created and present by the crazy team of How ridiculous, who have won several basket ball sports awards. This new group on veritasium, YouTube, centering 4 young Basketball sports freak men, who invent various jaw dropping videos, based on scientific explanation and funds an NGO: Compassionate who works for deprived children.

This IFL Science video is shot over a sky-high damp in Tasmania, Gorgon and main actors are an anonymous Basketball (yes you spell that that right) and Brett. In this video it is seen that Brett first drop a basketful, from feet high altitude of the bridge in a straight way.

The ball quickly approaches the underlying river just perpendicularly at first then in a tangent way and ultimately ending its journey into the river. On the second part of the experiment the same kind of ball was throw aiming downside towards the river, but this time instead of throwing straight it was throw via applying a reverse spin, (like a spin bowler in cricket).

This time also ball moves downwards following Sir Newton hypothesis but with a tang of difference. Instead of going straight it gradually gains a buoyancy force in air and then in a flying manner kisses the river. But it’s not a straight landing kiss. At first it touches the river surface, then mimicking a speed boat swipes up in the air and then again lands the 2nd and last kiss.

The basic theory behind this unusual behavior of the ball is minute physics. When the ball was throw straight, its being attracted by the gravitational force and it fells down, like any other free falling body. In the later half of the experiment, the ball blessed with a spinning thud, gains the momentum, overpowering the gravitational force and performs this unusual task of flying amidst air.

Thus it is the mere basketball spin which makes all the difference. If you are a basketball game addict and wants to enjoy some of the other basketball shot science of this team or others, simply browse Veritasium (YouTube channel) a get smarter every day .

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Backspin Basketball Flies Off Dam

VC: Veritasium

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