Batmobile supercar CAUGHT in Dubai


Batmobile supercar CAUGHT in Dubai

Made known to us by DC( Detective Comics) in May 1939, the Batmobile has been the viewers favorite and an exclusive type of armour car that all lovers of the fictional hero – Batman, dream of driving.

The Supercar is a major weapon for Batman when fighting his battles and also his means of transportation. The Batmobile has been imitated by some car brands, though it can never be the same as the real supercar.

As time goes by, the Batmobile has taken different forms in its years on screen, in terms of its features, looks and size. In general, the over 60year-old supercar has evolved most especially in its technological features, in areas like its engine, interior computerization and exterior modifications.
Following the classical and exclusive nature of the Batmobile, anyone who comes across it or a prototype ( which is very expensive) is extremely fascinated and excited.

Little wonder why a young man who came across the armour automobile while going about his daily activities was over excited. The Batmobile; supercar was caught on camera in Dubai by a young man who couldn’t contend is excitement. Parked along side expensive other expensive cars like the BMW, Lexus, Ferrari, Mercedes, just to mention a few, the black Batmobile stood out in its glory as an exclusive supercar driven by one of the best human heroes of DC, Batman also known as the dark-night.

The Batmobile caught in Dubia on camera, was just like the one in the movies with the exact features and vehicle details. It seems to be the real supercar, but no one can really confirm that as the Batmobile has has expensive prototypes over the years.

The armoured automobile has indeed come a long way since it was first seen on screen. Better known as the Tumbler, the supercar is said to be jet fueled and has about 500 horse power that can do 60km in over 5 seconds. Coupled with this, its mind blowing internal and external features give the Batmobile its unique and exclusive status. The Batmobile is not just a car for many, it’s the “ideal car’ that steals the shine from Batman as a superhero. Most people are generally impressed by cars , looking at the amount of money spent on buying just one car. Then comes the Batmobile that comes with its own super personality and portrays a lot, this will certainly drive a car lover into a frenzy!!![mashvideo]

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