Beautiful Plane IL-76 amazing takeoff at airport


IL-76 most beautiful flight of the planes

The Ilyushin IL-76 is just a beauty to witness taking flight. Russia has been known for manufacturing powerful planes from time immemorial, and the IL-76 is one of them.

The Ilyushin IL-76 is a multi-purpose, 4-engine turbocharged, strategic air lifter designed and manufactured by Russian aircraft company, the Ilyushin. The IL-76 is a sight to behold when it takes flight.

When you see it flying and showcasing its aerial capabilities, you’d immediately realize how much of a beauty it is, despite its size.

First used for aerial firefighting back in 1967, it’s a pretty bulky plane, to say the least. That’s because it was also designed as a cargo plane to lift supplies for the Russian Army.

But nonetheless, it still flies gracefully due to its design, which lets the crosswind pass through without much turbulence. Years have passed, now it is one of the most useful planes that can do absolutely anything for any purpose.

As you can see in the video, it is also used to drop fertilizers for fields and also used as a flare dropper to alert allies.

The IL-76 has a very distinct design. It retained so much of its looks back when it was still a military plane.

Now, it is one of the most iconic planes in Russia’s aviation industry, able to be a passenger plane, a cargo plane, or even a utility plane.

Even at its landing and arrival, people are amazed just how graceful it lands and touches the runway. It’s a gentle giant of a plane, that’s the most ironic way I could think of it.

After every task being done, the Ilyushin IL-76 always makes a soft touchdown. It’s very different from other planes, which makes it very unique in its own simple way.

You definitely need to be able to ride an IL-76 in your lifetime, or maybe yet fly one if you’re a pilot.[mashvideo]

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