Ebola is knocking the door, Are you ready to fight against it


Ebola is knocking the door, Are you ready to fight against it

Many of us are not aware of the disastrous results of the diseases caused by the rise of Ebola virus in our body. The Ebola virus disease (EBD) is commonly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The disease has some common symptoms like fever, sour throat, muscular pain, headache, diarrhea and rashes over the body. If the rise of Ebola in the patient’s body is not predicted soon, then it can also affect the liver and kidney. The rise of Ebola virus can also cause internal; and external bleeding in the patient’s body. If the no. of virus increases in the body, the disease has high risk of killing.

The virus can spread through direct contact with blood or other body fluid of an infected human or animal. Ebola virus can transmit through all the body fluids including urine, sperms, mucus, breast milk, semen and even the tears. World health organizations have concluded that Ebola virus can also be spread through the saliva of the infected person.

Ebola virus diseases are caused in human body by four or five genus of Ebola virus. Zaire Ebola virus is considered the most danger one; it is highly responsible to cause Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Growth of such virus can cause death of the infected individual.

Ebola virus can survive on objects for few hours in dry or liquid state. Ebola virus is able to survive in the body fluid for two to three days. Even after the recovery of fever, Ebola virus can persist for seven weeks in the semen of the patient. This could lead to spread infection through sexual intercourse. Such virus can be found in the breast milk of women even after recovery. For women, it is not safe to breastfeed again. Other then these two factors, people who have recovered from fever are not infectious.

No particular vaccine is available for the prevention of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The prevention factors only include limiting the spread of disease from infected animals to human beings. No. of potential treatment are being studied to cure the disease.

However, the control of outbreak of Ebola requires a perfect medical services and community engagement.

Following the medical services include:

  • Rapid detection of the case of disease.
  • Contact tracing of other human or animal who have come into contact with an infected individual.
  • Quick access of laboratory examinations.
  • Proper care and management of the infected individual.
  • Proper medication for the prevention of other bacterial growth in the body.
  • At last, the infected dead body must be disposed through cremation or burial as soon as possible.

There are some supportive therapies to help the infected one. These efforts include Oral Rehydration Therapy (simply drinking sweet and sour water in definite time intervals). Giving intravenous fluid to the infected individual is also a good option.

Recently doctors have found Ebola virus in a 26-year-old Indian. The patient was treated and cured for Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the month of September 2014. After treatment, the doctor again examined his semen. Some traces of Ebola virus are found in his seamen. Such traces of Ebola virus makes it possible for the patient to sexually transmit the deadly disease. Experts are saying that even after the complete treatment, the virus is able to remain in the secretions for more than ninety days.

The government of India has recently decided to put strong measures to detect the Ebola cases. The deadly virus is now declared as international emergency. India highly needs to raise the level of vigilance on the disease. Readers will be shocked to know that 45000 Indian live in the Ebola affected African country. There is high chance that a visiting Indian can bring this harmful virus to the country. The Indian health ministry is alert and they have taken several measures for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

The Indian government has set up an emergency helpline to help the ones who feel they have symptoms of EVD. Here is government has set some policies to treat and support the ones suffering from Ebola. The helpline no’s are (011)-23063205, 1302 and 1469

Government has also issued strong alerts on Airports and railways stations. Some help desk have been set up the airports. The travels can consult the experts at the help desk, about how to deal with a co-passenger who has symptoms of EVD.

Some big hospitals are declared as the health care center for the treatment of diseases caused by Ebola virus. The Infected ones can consult the doctors at R.M. Lohia Hospital (Ram Manohar), Delhi.

These were some essential updates and information realted to the deadly Ebola virus. If you are feeling any such symptoms that are related to the EVD, you must consult the doctor as soon as possible. For more information on Ebola and other health related issues, visit Media24by7 Health.

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