Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend


Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend:

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

Carnival is always considered to a festive season which is joined and enjoyed by numbers from across the globe. Whenever someone talks about carnivals, the first thing strikes in mind about the people with different and attractive headpieces who are having a good time and it takes us to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is a public celebration in which they show quality variance in their culture combining some elements of circus, mask and public street party. It is not limited to Brazil as it is celebrated across the globe which attracts millions from different countries. It is traditionally held in areas with a large Catholic population immediately before Lent which is exactly six weeks before Easter.

It is the biggest public parties on the planet in which streets are converted to colorful, costumed places which are packed with dancing and country music.

The word ‘Carnival’ means ‘farewell to meat’ which signifies that those were the last days when one could eat meat before the fasting of Lent.

There are different types of carnivals around the world signifies the cultural prosperity and a platform for some to oppose the misfit laws implemented by the government. It is far more than the party as people loves to free their souls and live up to the moment in every possible way. Some of the best carnivals around the globe are

Tenerife Carnival  de 2017

The carnival 2017 started from January which lasts until March and it was all about parades, dances, concerts, fireworks, and people with crazy and unique costumes.

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

As there are different people with their own creative costumes, and from the candidates, they crown a Queen of the carnival with the best dress. Every year millions travel to Tenerife to be a part of the madness that lasts for 24 hours a day as there is no sunset for 3 months.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2017, Brazil

The city which is known for Samba and you can also be the part of the dance steps between Februarys to March every year. There are a number of samba schools which practice for almost a year for the grand finale and show their respective skills.

They have the best dance moves with the limited clothes on, it is so vibrant that anyone wants to be a part of it and the gather more than millions from across the world. Carnival 2017, Rio de Janeiro was the highlight this year.

Venice Carnival, Italy

It is all about the most civilized carnival and if you want to be a part of this, don’t forget to carry a mask and your best dress in your closet.

It is Europe’s most extravagant, elegant events and a chance to participate in a mega masked ball, the Gran Ballo delle Maschere. It is held in Venice where people dressed every day for the occasion with the mask on and they get to change partners with the change in music.

Binche Carnival, Belgium

There are selected number of people at UNESCO to call Binche the ‘Intangible and Oral Heritage of Humanity’. It happens every year in March which lasts for three days in which every local will be masked known to be ‘Gilles’. These people will create chaos by shaking some sticks known to scare bad spirits off. As a tradition, these people will throw apples to the crowd.

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

Best Carnivals around the Globe you Must Attend

Cadiz Carnival, Spain

It starts in February till March of every year which is known for the costumes and the singing competition where they sing satirical songs on the streets or the platform.

If you love Spanish then it is the best place to be at as you will laugh by just watching them. Their costumes are witty as their songs and you can join them as a band partner.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Caribbean carnival 2017 Trinidad is known for steel bands, soca, limbo, calypso, and a whole lot of rum. It is celebrated on the tropical island of Trinidad which is off the coast of Venezuela.

The costumes and the moves are just incredible and it will force you to move your body and allows you to born a dancer in you. If you are planning for Trinidad, carnival 2017 costumes were unique. The carnival is for two days which is celebrated in March of every year.


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