5 Best Smartphones of 2017


5 best smartphones of 2017

The year 2017, will be remembered and marked in the history as the year for the comeback of the Legend Company “Nokia”. It is taking a new shape as many other companies from around the world are launching the latest and the best technology-enabled smartphones. With Nokia on their backs, Samsung and Apple are taking notable steps to prove their supremacy and they are working on the technology which we can’t even imagine.

The smartphone which is unbreakable can be folded like a wallet and can fit in any pocket are making them a hot favorite and the technology on which most of the companies are working on. It is an on-going process which changes with the requirements and the process of innovation and to lead the line in the competition.

Here is the list of best smartphones of 2017.

1. Samsung Flexible Phone

Flexible display is the most talkative and required technology for all the smartphones and to believe on the current rumors, Samsung has already started working on the technology. It was believed that Samsung had decided to launch the new technology of flexible screen with new Galaxy S8 but changed their mindset as it is still under development and will take more time to make it operational. They are the first company to launch the edge display which caught a lot of attention and have planned to have flexible screens in mass production by next year and would be in 5-inch and 7-inch smartphones and tablets.

2. Google Project Ara

Google is a renowned company which is known for the software development and not to forget about the search engine. For many years, Google was happy to offer software services to LG and Motorola for the latest smartphones and they came up with up all-google made phones which made the way for them to fight for the throne. Google Project Ara is a concept which is based on Lego-style bricks in which you can take apart all the hardware of the smartphone and put it back with your interest. The project is still under development and will take some time to hit the market.

3. iPhone 7 and 7 plus

Apple is changing the world of smartphones and the latest addition to the dock is Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus. It has the latest design with full aluminum body case to provide extra protection to the retina display screen. Powered by 3000 mAh battery and two supportive cameras at the back to capture the best shot of the day. The 3-D touch allows you to walk through the phone and gives multiple options to choose from without going into the application.

4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung knows how to rule the smartphone industry and it shows at the launch of the latest smartphone. Galaxy S7 Edge is another addition which has 5.5 inches screen with 1440 x 2560 pixels to make it more vibrant and protected by corning gorilla glass 4. It works on the latest Android operating system to give you the best interface with a fingerprint sensor.

5. Nokia Flexible Band

Who will need a phone if you have everything in your hand-band? After making a comeback in the market, Nokia is dreaming big with the launch of the band which will have all the functionality of a smartphone and can be on your wrist.

These are some of the best smartphones of 2017 which are still under development and might take some time to make it public. It is all about the companies but, we as the public will be benefited the most.


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