Best way to search a hotel room for bed bugs


Best way to search a hotel room for bed bugs

Bed bugs are nasty tiny creatures with an adult measuring about ¼ of an inch or less and infests homes, hotels, and dormitories. They hide in cracks and crevices during the day but come out to feast out at night by sucking the blood of warm-blooded victims. You will certainly them in the sleeping areas and specifically in bed, but you can also find them in chairs or sofas and will bite and suck blood out of you.

You might have gotten rid of these pesky creatures from your home but the same cannot be said of hotels. So how do you search for bed bugs from your hotel room? Before settling in, keep your luggage out of the way, probably inside the empty birth tab. Remember they are so tiny creatures that you will most likely miss them especially if it’s during the day. Instead, look for any signs that accompany their presence.

If there is a case of a large infestation, sometimes you can smell the waft of their fetid odor. Tear up the bed sheets from the bed and check along the mattress seams and look closely at the top and bottom of the mattress – this is the perfect hiding place. Exactly what are you looking for? Any dark, blood spots or tiny dark particles (poop) is an indication of the presence. If you are lucky, you might see a live one lazing around if it’s well feed. It will be gorged with sucked blood. You are not yet done, check the box spring, bed frame and anything under or near the bed for the same signs.

Your next stop is the drawers and nightstands. Don’t be satisfied by just pulling and looking inside. Literally, overturn the tables by chucking off drawers from the nightstand and checking what is beneath them.

Check the luggage rack, any picture frames if any and anything that stands away from the bed. Look for any crack or crevice, mostly near the window and door. In case you find any suspicious signs, notify the hotel management and request to be allocated another room, several doors away from that one. You can also consider moving to another hotel altogether.

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