Beware !! A Thermal Camera That Can Detect Public Farting


Beware !! A Thermal Camera That Can Detect Public Farting

Thermal cameras have proved to be the kind of technological devices that have all of us on edge, no pun intended. As these infrared cameras detect the heat given off by an object or a person, lately they have been put to the kind of use that has gotten the world in a stink.

A Banana Factory Youtube fart prank videos showcase the camera at work, exposing those people who release gas in public thinking that no one is watching them. Then again, the funny footage goes to show that you never really know what the person next to you is doing.

But worry not, the truth is about to be exposed !!

Although the camera is real, some of the footage on the youtube clips may be in exaggerated for the purpose of a good laugh. The dark color of the mystery cloud that emanates from peoples’ behind indicates the use of a cold gas, possibly an aerosol. Regardless of the realness or fakeness of the farting thermocamera, it comes with a lot of entertainment behind it.

It does not matter whether the individuals in question are sitting by the roadside, making transactions at the ATM machine or even buying something from the convenient store, they are not too far for the thermo fart camera to capture the heat signature of a fart through the use of good technology.

Also known as a thermo fart camera, you will be delighted by all of the light moments that it portrays, courtesy of the strangers. As a fart thermal camera that exposes those who fart in public was far from our imagination, it is interesting to see what else the ever-changing world of technology has in store for us. The fart prank is enough to captivate you in unimaginable ways.

If you are looking for a good laugh and unforgettable moments of pleasure, the fart thermocamera will not disappoint you. Thermo farting is definitely the best prank of the year. [mashvideo]


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