Bigg Boss fight

Bigg Boss: A huge fight between the two celebrity contestants

As everyone knows that Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and exciting TV reality shows which contains a lot of fun including the severe arguments of the contestants with each other. The season 11 of the show has just started on 1 October and two of its celebrity contestants named as Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde got into an argumentation early in the morning. Are you really excited to know about the same?

Obviously, if you have watched the episode then you must be very well aware but if not then here what actually it is? Before going further, you must know that the most popular Vikas Gupta is the programming head of the TV and Shilpa Shinde has performed very well in the show named as “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain”. These two celebrity contestants have a huge and serious fight with each other and all this happened after the actress left the show in recent March.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss

But now, these two faces have come face to face with each other once again on the set of Bigg Boss. Their fight on the set has revealed or reminded their past once again and now, the audience is very well aware of their past experience with each other. Both of them not even thought while bringing their past back in front of the audience. Shilpa assured to make people aware of the situation when Vikas tries a lot just to spoil her image and this was the moment when the producer was noted to be defensive.

As they both have a past experience with each other, the fight is not going to be over quickly. Do you have watched the video clip being posted by the official Twitter channel of Colors? If no, then you must watch it for at least once so as to stay updated with the entire scenes and controversy made by the public audience as well.  The video can clearly provide you an idea about how Shilpa was screaming over Vikas and all other contestants were just staring at both of them but none of them spoke a little word.

Did the fight end? Not at all? It is not just about Shilpa who started screaming loudly over Vikas but he also started taunting Shilpa for having an unnecessary or fake drama over the show just to gain some attention. He taunted Shilpa by saying, “You just don’t know anything except creating the unnecessary scenes”. This is actually what made Shilpa so much anger and she started shouting loudly at him by raising her voice.

Both of these celebrity contestants are repeating their past once again and they both cannot even tilde rate each other under the same roof. It is going to be more happening and thrilling which you can’t miss at any cost. If you are a Bigg Boss lover then you must not drop this scene. Don’t wait your time and just start watching this thrilling scene right now as it would just change your mood.

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