Biggest Great White Shark Which Ever Filmed


This Great White Shark will make you thinking twice before diving again, which is known as Deep Blue and probably the largest and biggest Great White Shark or largest shark ever to filmed.

Mexico’s Guadalupe Island attracts from around the world each year each hoping to catch even a glimpse of the biggest sea predator the great white shark.

Biggest Great White Shark Which Ever Filmed

Biggest Great White Shark Which Ever Filmed

Recently however divers managed to grab a glimpse that apparently bypassed their expectation the largest great white shark ever recorded a filmed which was named Deep Blue.

The discovery of deep blue is among the most significant discoveries of recent times to be achieved by people and has contributed to the achievements of science in animals exploration in the Pacific Ocean. Increased popularity in the use of waterproof cameras is mainly attributed to increased filming and discoveries in ocean exploration and was responsible for catching the largest shark footage.

Deep blue’s size is terrifying as expressed by divers who first caught her on camera; long a deep blue is approximately 20 feet long or 6 long size that by passed the largest male white shark ever filmed in 2015 which was 5.5 m long. The divers also reported her to be pretty rotund which not a typical shark shape. Most sharks are rather slim with a torpedo shape, the divers however speculated that her shape was like due to the fact that deep blue was probably pregnant .If you are a lover of sharks or is interested in sharks you do not have to feel like you have missed out since the footage is easily available online.

The footage portrays deep blue swimming to take from the divers who are cage making it possible visualize just how large it is by looking at the size of divers in the cage and comparing it with the shark. As per California Department of fish and game the great white sharks have the potential to grow to a length of 21 feet or 6m this means blue deep had reached maturity.

To reach this terrifying size it is approximated that deep blue is over 50 years old and is probably going to remain the largest shark on record for a very long time. In recent years most sharks do not manage to grow to the size of this shark due changes in the environment and increased fishing for sharks for their teeth for example.

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