Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot Performs Near Vertical Take Off At Paris Air Show


Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot Performs Near Vertical Take Off At The Paris Air Show

Boeing 787 with its visionary design brings a beautiful change in the aviation industry. Boeing 787 is at least 60% less noisy when compared to similar aircrafts and has windows which are 30% larger than other aircrafts.

It’s spacious, comes with highly effective air filters, and higher cabin pressure which will help passengers avoid fatigue and headache. Boeing 787 also has 20% more fuel efficiency than similar aircrafts.

How is Boeing 787 manufactured?

Boeing 787 manufacturing process is pretty simple. It’s parts are made in various parts of the world and then assembled at Boeing’s factory in US.

Unlike other aircrafts which are mostly made of aluminium, only 20% of Boeing is made from aluminum. 50% of Boeing 787 is made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer which is not only more tough but also lightweight than aluminum.

The parts of Boeing 787 is made in different parts of the world and is assembled in Boeing’s factory which is located in Everett, Washington.

Around 1000 employees work there and are responsible for assembling process.

Japan is a major hub and almost 35% of parts of Boeing 787 are manufactured in this country.

Boeing 787 with its robust design, comfortable and spacious interiors and fuel efficient Features, is getting highly popular in the aircraft industry.

At Paris Air Show we see the glimpse of what this beast capable off. [mashvideo]

Source: Boeing

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