Bollywood Actress Back Exposed-2


Bollywood Actress Back Exposed-2

1. Kangana Ranaut: The 28 years old Indian actress with a large amount of awards appeared to her fans posing in white dress with silver glowing parts of the dress making her look amazing with her matching piercings, also showing her back to her fans and photographers.

Kangana Ranaut

2. Sonam Kapoor: The 29 years old second generation actress came out with a glowing red dress showing her back and belly.

Sonam Kapoor

3. Shilpa Shetty: The soon-to-be 40 years old actress and famous Bollywood icon came out with a black dress showing her back too for her fans in a photo shoot that made her look so much younger.

Shilpa Shetty

4. Anushka Sharma: The young 26 years old star came out with a white dress, but with the difference that she was only showing the upper part of her back, but yet she also gained a lot of views for this picture.

Anushka Sharma

5. Sonakshi Sinha: The 27 years old actress and former customs designer came in a dark-yet glowing-blue dress showing also her back on the carpet for her fans and photographers.

Sonakshi Sinha

6. Vaani Kapoor: The young 26 years old Indian starlet came out in a purple exotic dress showing her back, side and also her legs to her fans.

Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor

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