Unladylike behavior from Bollywood satrs caught on camera


Unladylike behavior from Bollywood satrs caught on camera

It is rare to see any actor or actress ruffled. Even the vamp shown in the movies is cool and calculating, rather than a lady resorting to verbal or physical abuse. Slapping, of course, is confined to indignation a girl feels or is supposed to feel when a boy approaches her. The only time these ladies get to exercise their arm muscles is in Hindi film climax. It is often said that actors try to get cheap publicity but these sneak views tell a different story.

It is Manisha Tiwari, Rakhi Sawant’s friend, fighting with Sachindra Sharma, director of the movie “Mumbai Can’t Dance Sala”. Surprisingly, Rakhi Sawant, who is known for controversial behavior, was seen in pacifying mode here. What led to such ugly fight on stage, which included some physical beating by both Tiwari and Sharma, is anybody’s guess, because the pitch at which the lady was shouting makes it difficult to understand the words. Towards the middle of the clipping, the lady is shown arguing with another lady, and mentions to press about posters stored elsewhere. Ah! So that is it! Looks like the lady felt short-changed for her efforts, though she has accused Sharma of having made lewd suggestions. Considering that in the beginning of the clipping, Sharma had both his arms outstretched appearing to be an attempt to pacify Tiwari, that accusation may not hold any water. On the whole, Tiwari did Sharma a favor by getting his movie some cheap publicity.

Farah Khan denying rumors about Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) promoting her film, “Joker”. She is angry, no doubt, but not undignified. There are only three transgressions indicating her anger, i.e., movements of her hands, the word “nonsense”, and eventual ridicule of “editor”. Her anger seems more pronounced because normally, she is calm, cool, and happy-go-lucky lady. Farah managed to make her point and emphasized that media distorts facts. Point taken lady!

Farahnaz Khan crying, shouting and saying things incoherently and others trying to calm her. Yes, the composure is lost, but she is not very famous is she? So, who is interested in her? Only she is interested in letting others know why she is crying. But then, we all do that. We understand you lady. We know it is not staged for sure. This smells of professional jealousy.



Mrs. Jaya Bhachchan also angry  on media asking this issues , What she is being questioned about is not clear, but she made her point firmly. However, her face gave away her annoyance. She did try to add a few smiles, but the two expressions did not mix like sugar in the tea. Nevertheless, it did not get ugly. To be fair, she did have a point there. Media should stick to the context. Inference can also be drawn that media should not be questioning former celebrities, and relatives of celebrities who still qualify as celebrities. It is their time out of limelight and at her age, she is entitled to get angry, blood pressure bouts, and all that. Peace be with you lady.

Tanisha Mukherjee, clarifying on her relationship with Arman. Does friendship not qualify as relationship, Ms. Mukherjee? When does the word “relationship” become applicable to any acquaintance? I agree, media knows the answers to these questions, and it was deliberate attempt to get something to write about. This is surely ugly Ms. Mukherjee, and we understand your anger. But it is also the question of the journalists’ bread and butter. Please bear with them because some part of that money you get is for putting up with this type of dissection by media.

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