Books Everyone Will Be Reading In 2015


Books Everyone Will Be Reading In 2015

All the bright places:All the bright places

A heart wrenching love story written by Jenifer Niven.  The novel would reveal the story of a girl who learns to live a perfect life from a boy and at last the boy intends to die. The complete plot revolves around the story of two growing kids who develop an unlikely relationship in a moving exploration of love, grief and severe attempt of suicide. It is believed to be Jenifer’s first novel about the teenage love story. However the book will definitely amaze the readers with violet romance and heart breaking emotional plot. Reports conclude that the book will definitely stand out from the crowd.

American SniperAmerican Sniper:

The Novel American Sniper is written by Chris Kyle. The novel would reveal about the autobiography of most lethal sniper in the history of American Military. The story would be fascinating and terrifying as well. The novel would soon be influencing a major motion picture directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Hope the book would amaze the readers with his excellent plot.

The ghost of heaven:The ghost of heaven

The book would certainly reveal the midwinter blood style epic. Readers would find it stunning as the book has four interlocking stories. The book will make you experience the chronicle creation and obsession from the Palaeolithic ages. The author has given us a great chance to imagine our future in the space. Readers would find expectations on every page.

Audacity:Melanie Crowder

The book ‘Audacity’ is written by Melanie Crowder. The book would be a great fashionable day planner for all the gorgeous ladies. The novel is already buzzing all over the globe.  Some reports reveal that the book would be based on the real life story of Clara Lemlick. The one who started world’s largest strike by the women.  Readers would be amazed with the beautiful verses written in the book.  It is being claimed that the readers would remember its plot for a longer time.

I was here:I was here

I was here is a novel about the teenage girl written by Gayle Forman.  The next young adult novel is on its way to rock the teens all over the world. The author reveals a little mystery and first love experience in a tragic plot. The book would also reveal the concept of reverberation suicides.



The novel Fairest is written by Marissa Meyer. The book would reveal the story of evil queen Levana. The readers would get a chance to explore about big drama of Lunar Chronicle. You would also get to know about the foe of Mayer version of Cinderella and Red Riding hood. This would be great fascinating story with a lot of sparkling incidents. Hope the novel would amaze you with its beautiful dreamy plot.

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