How To Boot Your PC From A USB Device


How To Boot Your PC From A USB Device

Occasionally when your computer of generally known as PC is not doing well, you either need to repair it or to format it. Moreover, to do that you need to boot the device by any of the external device like CD, USB (or flash drive). So here we are going to guide you that how to boot from a USB.

To boot from USB, you need to have your OS installed (or copied) in your external drive.

Just plug the USB and then restart the computer. Just follow the instructions given on the first window.


To boot from the USB you need to set a priority in bios system. (To go in bios there are some different steps, like in old PCs you can go in bios by pressing DEL button continuously, in some other by pressing F2 button continuously, you would be able to go in bios and in many other computers by pressing F8, you can go in bios.)


In the bios you need to select from boot device, there are many options like CD Drive, Internal HDD, USB, so you have to select USB. And then save the setting, then finally when you exit from it, the PC will automatically restart and it will show a black window on the top of which a line is written that to boot from USB press any button.


Once you press any button, congratulation you have successfully booted from a USB (this will not come, this is what we are saying).

But just a concerning thought that if you don’t know how to either repair or format a PC, please don’t do it, although it is quite easy thing to do, but if you do anything ( even a small one) wrong, it can cause a problem I your computer. So unless and until you know the steps, don’t do these thing, rather contact a professional person.

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