Britney Spears Ever After Moments In A Biopic


Britney Spears Ever After Moments

Looks like Britney is in love with her song “Oops I did it Again”. We all grew up listening and dancing to the songs of pop-sensation “Britney Spears” and to make a biopic of a superstar need different directions and numerous reincarnations.

We all have been aware of the ups and downs in the career, like recently her re-emergence with a Billboard top five albums and successful Vegas residency. The biopic will be a documentary which will go through the entire life of her and will also cover the most tragic moments, regardless of whether they had ever happened.

Let’s have a sneak peek on six biggest “oops” moments from Britney Ever After

six biggest “oops” moments from Britney

six biggest “oops” moments from Britney


Oops !! … I missed it again

After the biopic was released which relies so heavily on the speculation and less on documented occurrences, there were a few moments and videos which made the audience alarmed, as they were captured in quite a different way. Britney’s iconic 2001 American Music Awards denim dress turned into denim jumpsuit and from 2007, Britney’s hot-pink bobbed wig was turned to purplish blue.

If you seek to pace

The pace by which the biopic was filmed kept the audience wondering if they had trouble nailing down a firm timeline. They skipped the plot and showed in 2008 where Britney is married to childhood friend Jason Alexander, which actually happened in 2004. When Kevin Federline had appeared, the soundtrack was set to her 2002 cover; I love Rock ‘n’ Roll.

A biopic which was against the music

Britney didn’t give the approval for the biopic and didn’t even allow her music to be used in the movie. Without her music in the biopic, it looked flat with some covers which she recorded over the years. Even with the limited singing, Britney’s signature style was not recreated in a perfect way.

Not a genius, not yet an idiot

Over the years, it was believed that Britney Spears was not an intellectual but she carried her career for over two decades as a businesswoman which clearly states that she was not stupid. In the biopic, it showed that she is helpless, ignorant, and at times, completely incompetent.

From the bottom of broken casting

It is always considered to be hard to find the cast on a true-life story that should look and perform like them. Natasha Bassett as Britney and Nathan Keyes as Justin played the part but left something to be desired. Kevin Federline had played his part and should be cutting a check to lifetime.

Hold it against Justin

There was some speculation that relied on the belief that Justin was a jealous mess led to a characterization of Timberlake as sleazy, overly sexual and cold.


Source: usatoday

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