BSF Women soldiers in India-Pakistan border


BSF Women soldiers in India-Pakistan border

Female troops in India joined defense forces for the first time, in order to guard the country’s frontier with Pakistan. The all-women team of the Border Security Force (BSF) will traverse different terrains to the Indian-Pakistan border. A very important factor, which will change the role of female model in India.

The young military guards were welcomed by the local villagers, who now they will be able to work in the fields. You should keep in mind that 20 years ago India built an electric fence, inside the borders, in order to keep the Pakistani away and for more than 60 years the borders of India were defended only by men. As you can imagine this has changed now, because skilled military training women will defend their country and local women now are able to cross the fence and work to the fields. As a result the labour cost came down, because they don’t have to pay for hiring workers to do the job.

Over 8,000 young women applied to join the BSF and only 600 of them were selected. Some women, who already completed the training period, are very excited about their military assignment and they admit that is a very challenging opportunity. Ritu, a woman from security force in the borders, who just completed her training period, in the past competed in Judo in national level, admits that she always wanted to join the defence forces. As she says civilians live only for themselves, but the military lives for the entire country. Most of the women in the beginning of the training used to be scared of the weapons. Actually they were very heavy for them -some of them couldn’t even lift them- but after practicing they all performed very well.

These young women are already been seen as a strong female role model for modern India, and as you can imagine this fact actually changed the attitude towards women’s work in the country. Now there’s nothing that can stop women in India from marching in the 21st century stronger than ever and prooving that they can be even more equal than men.


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