Bucheon Bboy International Championship Fires Off


One of the years hottest kick offs for Bucheon, South Korea this summer was the BBIC. The Bucheon Bboy International Championship.

Bucheon Bboy International Championship Fires Off

Bboys, who’s now neo-style has taken original break dancing and progressive hip hop dance to new heights, have gathered from across the globe for this formidable competition. Squads from far and wide came to throw down.

Russia’s own Predatorz and the U.S. based team Knucklehead Zoo, along with Japan’s Body Carnival, had the floor a fire in an inferno that only a championship like this could bring. Korea’s own home town heroes Gamblerz, along with Drifterz, who’s crew contains none other than Hong 10, former BC One individual champion of 2013, kept the stance alive.

Winner of Bucheon Bboy International Championship

Even the Red Bull BC One All Stars, a mash up group of some of the worlds best, were throwing there hats in the ring. With the stage set in beautiful urban metropolis of Beuchon, it was South Korea’s own Gamblerz that laid the final hurt on Japan’s Body Carnival to clench the tittle of group bboy champs. One of the fiercest throw downs all tournament.

The BBIC or the Bucheon Bboy international Championship is one of the greatest competition to watch if you want to bear witness to some of the most skilled and athletic bboy performers on the planet. It’s that gathering of some of the most talented international groups from across the globe, in a city that embraces both hip-hop dance and soul, that really sets this match up apart from any other.

This years competition was red hot, and can only get hotter with each passing year. This is a must see for veterans of break dance culture, to young newbies just starting to get their groove on. Bucheon Bboy international Championship comes with the thump of a world wide heart beat, and leaves you with a lingering after effect . [mashvideo]

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