The Buffalo Chases A Hunting Lion


The Buffalo Chases A Hunting Lion In Kruger National Park,South Africa, The Buffalo Vs.Lion predator turns and run from the Prey

The buffalo and the lions are of great importance to the wildlife of the world,However their co existence is challenged every now and then.A battle of order in the animal Kingdom ensued as a buffalo chased a lion who tried to hunt the buffaloes cub at Kruger National Park in South Africa,which is a home to a multitude of wildlife animals.


As the lost buffalo cub waded through the park terrains and as it called out to its mother the hunter heard it first and voila… the king of the jungle knew he had found a delicacy for the day and started a chase. However we are told blood is thicker than water and so mother buffalo was on its way to look out for the young one and she not only showed up alone but with a herd of other buffaloes and took on the lion to its heels. The buffaloes ensured that the lion was out of the vicinity.The lion had intimidated the poor buffalo cub and he knew it was a guaranteed feast.

Naturally whenever there is an attack the Buffaloes stay close together and shield one another while making sure that attack chances are lower.And so the lion lost in the hunting game this time. The wild buffalo is a fighter if faced by any threats,their superior mass and weight came in handy to save the cub.

Recently in Africa the lions have roamed the streets of Nairobi Kenya after running away from the national reserve and they have been spotted lying on the streets others in traffic and blocking vehicles as they take their sweet adventure. sadly some had to killed to protect human life just as it happened recently when a toddler fell into a gorilla park and it almost hurt the child so choices had to be made and so we lost the gorilla and saved the little baby.

We all know that animals are to be protected as well as human beings and so there needs to be sufficient measures taking place to ensure human to wildlife conflict is at minimal.We cannot fail to recognize some of domesticated wild animals that are very useful to human beings like the Water Buffalo who helps in tilling land for rice farmers in some parts of the world and their milk is very rich in protein as well.

The Lions,Buffaloes,Zebras,Rhinos you name it ,have their own positions in the wild and so it is always very interesting and educative to the human kind to learn the co-existence battle that happens in the jungle.

I personally fail to understand how a full grown up male lion just sleeps the entire day and stretches while yawning as lady lion goes out to the marketplace to fight other male species of different types of animals and as soon as she wins the battle the male lion comes over and is left to eat the delicacy of whatever nature to its full and that is when the lion mommy and baby lions will be allowed to eat their meal.I think this a Guinness world book record holder position for the male Lion.

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