Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect iPhone SE??


Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect iPhone SE From 100 FT Drop Test???

Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect iPhone SE From 100 FT Drop Test

Today we are going to attempt to make you imagine just exactly crazy is what craziness we are going to do. Not that you’d ever do it in real life but oh well, why not? So our great question and discovery here being, Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect an Iphone? Yes, you heard it right. We doubt we need to repeat it again or do you we?

Before we get to it, let’s first see, what exactly is this thing called, Liquid Glass Putty?

It is like any regular putty used in construction, except, it is clear or rather transparent. It shifts from clear to cloudy when used. You can stretch it, bounce it or even tear it and it never seems to dry out. The more and more we attempt to massage it the cloudier it gets. However, if you are looking for the downside of liquid glass putty then, it goes without saying that, it’s non magnetic and because of the feature of transparency it can easily get dirty. When it is at rest, it’s almost unnoticeable on any surface. So vat19 managed to get us a bunch of the silly putty.

So now back to the topic, can an Iphone SE survive a 100 FT double wrapped loads of Liquid Glass Putty? What do you think? We did a test too and here’s what we did. First we opened up a can of the Liquid Glass Putty and to our surprise, the moment we opened it, the tin felt completely empty, what we realised in a moment of two inspecting is that all the putty was gathered on to the top of tin cover not the tin itself.

Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect iPhone SE From 100 FT Drop Test

Then logic step was to empty the whole bunch of tins onto the kitchen counter and then unbox an Iphone SE and we wrapped around a bunch of Liquid glass putty around the Iphone. I am pretty sure the results would have been the same with any kind of an Iphone, even with a 6, 6s or Ipad air.

We were too busy getting ready to go find a 100 ft height to make the drop and by the time we got back to our counter, the liquid putty had literally seemed liked melted ice onto the counter, simply clear water like. It was just so beautiful. After which we gathered the Liquid Glass Putty back around the Iphone SE, looking like a cookie dough and took it to the drop site. Is it able to protect the Iphone?

Finally the moment of truth or much rather the moment of dare arrived and we dropped it from a building, the height of 100FT. The Liquid Glass Putty smashed into the ground on the first sudden impact, bounced back into the air a little and made a smaller fall again. Running down the stairs to see what happened and to our surprise, there was no physical scratches apparent through the putty.

However, after we tore the putty and took out the Iphone, only to realise that though the screen hadn’t cracked, the LCD screen underneath definitely had some damage to it and wasn’t showing clearly. Apart from that, the sound still worked perfectly but then there’s nothing like a good iphone and thus the sad verdict that, Liquid Glass Putty cannot save an Iphone from a drop height of 100ft. [mashvideo]

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