Can You Guess These Celebrities?


Can You Guess These Celebrities?

Hollywood one of the renowned film making institute who has broken all the records and has leaved a remarkable impact on the society. There are many actors and actresses who have started their career at an early age and many more who have started it at their late ages, here we are about to discuss about few celebrity whom if you see the childhood images you won’t be able to recognize them.

1. Eminem:


The famous singer Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972)) is a very famous American rapper and record producer. Not only in America, his songs are viral all over the world, even in our India, his songs are very famous.

2. Angelina Jolie:
She was born in LA, her father Mr. John Voight, an Oscar winner was a famous actor. Acting was in her blood and her manager confirmed that her skill does not go waste and gave her films at an early age only.

3. Brad Pitt:
Born in Oklahoma, but grown up in Springfield, the eldest of three brothers. He was entitled as “Popular” in school as he was very much interested in Acting, Debate, Student government and school musical band.

4. Britney Spears:
Born in Louisiana, generally surrounded with controversies, started her career at a very early age with her first TV show which was The All new Mickey mouse club, and soon released her first hit album, Baby one more time.

5. Emma Watson:
Famously known as “Hermionie Granger” in India, she was born in London and in known for her acting and caring nature. Started her career at a very early age of mere nine, she turns out to a very beautiful actress.

6. Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga:
Famous for her songs Stefani Germanotta or we famously know her as Lady Gaga was born in New York City in the year 1986. At the age of four, she started learning Piano and her first song was “Dollar Bills” which was inspired by the song Pink Floyd.
7. Demi Moore:


Born on November 11, 1962, an American actress has seen many things in her childhood only, her parents got divorced and has to move around for around 30 times, but that make her strong. She dropped her school at an early age of 16, and pursue her career as an actress.

8. Madona Louise Ciccone:


Madonna ciccone a famous American Singer, songwriter and businesswomen. She is more famous for her controversial lyrics in her songs, her first song “Like a Virgin” was released in the year 1984, and still people listen to that song.
9. Ben Stiler:
Born on November 30, 1965, Benjamin Edward”Ben” is a famous American Actor, comedian, Director, producer. Acting was in his blood as his father Mr. jerry Stiller was also a very famous comedian and actor. He got his first movie at an age of 15, though it was a small role but he made an impact in that also.

10. Bruce Willis
Born on March 19, 1955, an American actor is famous for his hard roles, may be because his father was also a military officer, and when this hero got birth, his father was in West Germany with other US military officers.

So this is the list of few famous Hollywood personalities with their brief story, if you want to know about any other personality or any more information about any of mentioned above, please let us know. We will definitely try to cover that personality also.

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