Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System – Best Clot Removal Device


Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System – Best Clot Removal Device

Every year, in the United States of America, the number of average heart attack patient is around 1,000,000 and 375,000 of them falls under the case of STEMI or St Elevation Myocardial Infarctions. Over 200,000 of those patients face the peripheral vascular disease which is also known as the peripheral arterial disease. Those who face peripheral vascular issues, they need thrombectomy surgery process to remove thrombus clot from the blood vessels.

What is Thrombectomy?

Thrombectomy is the surgical process to remove clots or thrombus from arteries or vessels. These clots are otherwise known as a thrombus. To remove clots or thrombus, Thrombectomy is the only common surgical process. Thrombectomy is usually required for a patient, when he/she faces acute myocardial infarctions. Myocardial Infarction is a serious type of heart disease and/or medical condition.

What is Thrombus?

Thrombus is a the material which stays or stuck in our arteries or blood vessels. A blood clot is the another name of Thrombus. It forms inside the vessels, travels one place to another through vessels and remains inside vessels. So, it’s understandable that, thrombus or clot is something which can block our regular blood flow and can occur serious heart disease or even a massive heart attack.

To remove thrombus successfully, a very new medical technology has just arrived. It’s called Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System. It’s an advanced kind of clot removal that can be used almost in every Thrombectomy surgery.

What is Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System?

Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System is a highly advanced and scientifically proven formulated clot removal device, that can be used to clean up all the clots, blockages from the vessels in your heart. It is an efficient surgical device that can successfully remove arterial thrombus or clots.

How it Works?

Nowadays, regular or existing thrombectomy devices have some limited work areas. But the new Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System has a countless workforce. It can go through any artery when necessary. The whole device works as a ThromboWire. The thromboWire is actually the secondary mechanical part of the device that pulls out all the clots out of the artery or vessels. There are 4 work areas in the new MegaVac clot removal device. They are:

· Occlusion: Occludes the arteries.

· Protection: Protects against embolization.

· Anchoring: Accessible as an anchor.

· Removal: Can rapidly remove all the clots or thrombus.

So, these are the quick review of the scientifically advanced Capture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System.


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