Carnival Triumph cruise ship breaks free and hits another Ship watch what happens


Cruise Ship Accident, Cruse Ship Get’s Lose And Smash Into US Military Ship

Locals watched in fascination and horror as The Carnival Triumph broke free of moorings in Mobile Bay, Alabama on April 3, 2013.

Tug boats and the U.S. Coast Guard tried in vain to stop the cruise ship accident but were ineffective against the large vessel.

After frantically dropping more anchors it eventually came to rest after hitting a US military ship, the Dredge Wheeler.

The incident was caused by strong winds, reportedly up to 70mph and resulted in 6m gash to the stern of the cruise ship.

This is just the latest incident for the beleaguered cruise ship company. The Triumph was there for repairs after an engine room fire earlier in the year. Carnival has been plagued by cruise ship accidents and ship crashes in recent times with four of their ships having experienced issues in recent months.

This has caused many politicians and lawmakers to take notice and call for stricter measures to be put in place.

In the same storm, two workers that had been holed up in a shack on the dock were washed away when a section of the dock collapsed.

One worker was rescued but sadly the other was found dead after nine days. Carnival spokespeople reported that all other crew members and workers had been accounted for. One in the port have the time to record is amazing cruise ship accident caught on tape.

The Carnival Triumph is normally found cruising the western Caribbean or South Florida and is 893 feet (272 m) long with a beam of 116 feet (35.5 m).

It had a build price of US$420 million and was launched on July 1, 1999. Generally, a Carnival Cruise is an experience of a lifetime.

It was not quite a Costa Concordia scale disaster but the cruise ship accident are scary enough. Let’s hope Carnival can get their act together and there are no more incidents in the future. [mashvideo]

Source: Ian Freeman

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