Celebrity snapchats, which you absolutely have to add in your snapchat!!!


Celebrity snapchats, which want to follow, for your snapchat account!!

Celebrity snapchats, just like twitter there are growing number celebrity using snapchats and as the popularity of Snapchat continues to grow, an increasingly growing number of celebrities are joining the social media platform and doing celebrity snapchats. With an astounding 100 million users and more than 8 billion views a day, it’s no wonder why so many A list-ers see the platform as a convenient way to connect with their fans.

In addition to getting to chat with celebrities and getting sneak peeks at their next projects, following them on Snapchat also enables you to have access to some of the behind-the-scenes footage in their carefully regulated lives and some fun reading those celebrity snapchats.

Snapchat stories are, however, heavy on data. It is, therefore, important that you don’t add celebs that will waste your time. Also, due to the lack of verified accounts on Snapchat, searching Snapchat users by name is not enough to find the celebrity snapchats that you have chosen to follow.

Here is a list of some of the celebrities complete with their Snapchat usernames whose shenanigans are worth considering when you login to Snapchat.

RYAN SEACREST-ryanseacrestryan

Ryan Seacrest is arguably one of the most interesting celebrities to add on Snapchat. His almost unlimited access to some of the biggest and most glamorous events in Hollywood guarantees an incredible Snapchat experience and enjoy his celebrity snapchats.

KYLIE JENNER- kylizzlemynizzlkylie-jenner-snapchat

Though arguably one of the less illustrious Kardashians, Kylie sends a significant amount of time on Snapchat snapping away the events in her life.

RIHANNA- Rihannarihanna

As one of the most glamorous celebrities alive today, it is almost impossible for Rihanna to put her foot wrong on Snapchat seeing as most of her life is worthy of documentation.

CALVIN HARRIS- Calvinharriscalvin

Following the DJ on Snapchat is worth it for a number of reasons; not only does he selectively sneak his fans peeks at his next hits and mixes, he also has an equally amazing group of friends that make wonderful Cameos on his account and definitely worth it, to read his celebrity snapchats .

Bella Hadid- Babybels777.bela

Probably the model of the moment, Bella Hadid’s account is geat for the adorable selfies of herself and her equally illustrious friends she posts .

These Celebrity snapchats, would be wonderful addition in your snapchat profile if you just enter in sanpchat domain and don’t know whom to follow.

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