How To Check And Fine Tune Your Internet Speed


How To Check And Fine Tune Your Internet Speed

People always get irritated when their internet doesn’t run fast, and they do not know the actual reason for slow connectivity. One should always be aware of their internet speed, as it a slow internet speed may be the reason why your net isn’t working well. Here we are presenting a guide in order to help you get aware with your internet speed.

Get an online speed test: Try to Google out some best speed test available on web; they are free and highly loyal. Such tests will provide you with the accurate speed details of your internet. You would be amazed to know that these online tests perform three simple functions; firstly they undergo pining test, then your speed test gets downloaded and finally the speed results are uploaded so that you can check accurate speed details.

You will be considered smatter if you select the closest server: The above performed speed tests will provide you with list of servers you can connect with. Remember that most of the online speed tests will provide you the list full of highly optimized servers for your suitable location. It is always advised to choose a close location as the close location will offer you the best results.

Run the test in order to stay updated about the varying internet speed: Wait a bit till the test results are displayed on your device, you will probably get these results in Mbps. Now you need to be a bit tricky, try to compare actual speed with the speed advertised by your service provider. This will help you check if you are being trapped in wrong aspirations.

Be aware of the connection speed: Everyone knows that the connection speed is measured in Mbps. This is considered as the most standard method followed in order to calculate the data transferring speed.  Remember to get confused between Megabit (Mb) and Megabyte (MB), the sizes of your files that you wish to transfer are typically measured in MB’s.

Are you aware of the basics while connecting to the server?

Remember that the server is location from where you retrieve the data. Everyone is aware of the fact that servers are the physical objects. The relative distance between the server and your device will affect the speed of connection. Remember that uploading and downloading are the two different things: People often get confused between uploading and downloading, we will help you understand its actual sense. When you upload something over the web, this means you are sending a file to the server. However; when you download something this means you are retrieving a file from the server. Both the things are different, you would be amazed to know that internet connections are significantly faster during downloading then that of uploading.

Do you know about Ping?

Ping can help you measure the time required to connect. It measure the time about how long the message takes to reach one place from other. This facility may also tell you about how long a download will take time to get started. However, ping does not affect the overall transfer rate.

These were some helpful tips to get ware of your internet speed.

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